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9 Facts You Might Not Know About Sweet Corn

In today's ever increasing health conscious world, sweet corn can sometimes get a bad reputation. This is mostly because of the use of corn syrup in many products worldwide. Actually, sweet corn is a very healthy food to include as a part of your balanced daily diet.

Sweet corn is one of the most widely eaten varieties of corn as snacks and as main dishes. It's not only delicious, but nutritious and easy to cook as well. How much do you really know about this food that you probably eat on a regular basis? Check out some of these interesting facts about sweet corn:

1. It’s a grain, not a vegetable
While sweet corn is widely considered to be a vegetable, it is technically a whole grain. This means it is a starchier food than mainly veggies and has plenty of carbohydrates. Eating a few servings of sweet corn a day can help you reach your recommended servings of whole grains each day quicker.

2. It has no cholesterol
Worried about your cholesterol levels? No need to fear this when you're eating sweet corn. As long as you have it without the usual topping of butter it will have no effect on your cholesterol.

3. Most corn is not genetically modified
There's a common belief that the corn we eat is heavily modified. The truth is that while modified corn is commonly grown, it is not used for human consumption. Instead, it's what makes ethanol, animal feed, and other products like this. When you go and buy cobs of corn, frozen corn, or corn in any other form it is very unlikely that you are eating highly modified corn. Feed corn does not have the great taste and nutritional value of sweet corn; therefore it does not end up on shelves at the grocery store.

4. "Sweet" corn has less sugar than most fruits
Even though the word "sweet" in the name sounds deceptive, sweet corn contains less sugars than many fruits that are commonly eaten, such as apples, bananas, and oranges. If you're looking for something naturally yummy to eat at a summer cookout or to include with your home meals, corn is just as good of an option as any fruits.

5. Popcorn is almost as healthy as normally cooked corn
The process of popping corn seeds does not take away from the nutritional values they can provide. That being said, since the corn is in its infancy it has not had time to develop all the rich vitamins and minerals that it normally contains at full ripeness. Also, popcorn is usually covered in salt, butter, or other questionably healthy toppings that will make this statement untrue. It is only unseasoned or lightly flavored popcorn that makes for a healthy snack.

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