Sumo's Classic Butter Rich Corn-in-Cup

Made from our very own Sumo's Super Sweet Frozen Corn, our classic corn-in-cup is rich in flavor, juicy and healthy at the same time. Served with the perfect pinch of seasoning with butter and salt, this is an all-time irresistible snack!
Ingredients Packaging
Frozen Sweet Corn 2 Kg per Pkt
10 Pkts per Carton
Margarine 4.5Kg per Drum
4 Drums per Carton
Product Name Packaging
Sumo's Form Cup 25 Pcs X 8 Oz Cup /Roll
40 Roll (1000 Pcs) per Carton
Corn cup (Plain) 225 Pcs X 6 Oz Cup /Roll
25 Pcs X 8 Oz Cup /Roll
40 Roll (1000 Pcs) per Carton
Cup Lid 100 Pcs per Roll
20 Roll (2000Pcs) per Carton
Tea Spoon Diameter: 25mm
Length: 125mm
3000 Pcs per Carton
Corn-in-cup Progress

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