Sumo's Super Sweet Export Frozen Corn

Sweet Corn is one of the most sought after snacks around, which packs a mouthful of benefits. Sweet corn are one of a kind, where its kernel can be eaten as vegetables. Comparing them to traditional field corn, sweet corns are often harvested when the ear reached milk stage. This in turn, brings the sweetness out of the corn before the sugar converts to starch. For the perfect cultivation period, they are harvested at that exact timing. These harvested sweet corn are extra juicy, golden yellow in colour, and the sweetness is out of the world. Sweet corns are most commonly coupled with the right amount of salt and butter, after all this is still a healthy snacks for all age groups. Our frozen sweet corn is well preserved without additional additives to maintain freshness. Frozen sweet corn is versatile in making various snacks, whether for commercial purpose, or when you just feel like having some fun time cooking corn with family members.

Sumo's Super Sweet Frozen Corn

Sumo’s is dedicated in improving our sweet corn quality, ensuring you get the best out of every bite. We promise that our super sweet frozen sweet corn is made up with entirely Malaysia grade A sweet corn seeds. These are the actual frozen corn kernels used in the famous Sumo’s Corn-in-Cup you find in many of the popular shopping malls. They receive great compliments from foreign and local shoppers. We are currently the leading frozen sweet corn manufacturer and exporter in Malaysia, with very competitive price.

Sumo's Sweet Corn Exporting Process

Sweet Corn Plantation
Sweet Corn Procesing Factory
Sweet Corn Packaging
Sealing of Sweet Corn Kernel Packs
Swet Corn Kernel Packs Storahe
Sweet Corn Kernel Packs Refrigerated in Coldroom
Frozen Sweet Corn Readied to export

Sweet Corn Export Highlights:

  • Packaging: 10 packs x 2kg = 20kgs/carton
  • 1 reefer 20' container can load up to 500 cartons for 24kg cartons. Container temperature must be -18°C to -20°C
  • Shelf-life: Up to 1 year (provided coldroom temperature maintained at -18°C to -20°C)
  • Orders must be placed 1 months in advance of delivery date as the corn will need at least 60 days(dependable on weather) to grow and harverst.
  • We can also supply our corn together with Sumo's Corn in Cup packaging:
    • Sumo's Corn foam cups: 1 carton = 1000 pcs.
    • Cup lids: 1 carton = 2000 pcs.
    • 5" tea spoons: 1 carton = 3000 pcs.
    • Sumo's Margarine: 1 carton = 18kg

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