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Malaysia Food Machinery Supplier

Sumos is a popular company that specializes in developing quality food machinery brand to suit the rising market needs. The company has been operating for more than twenty years, and it started as a mini-trader importing food and machinery supplies from USA, Taiwan and China. The company has a professional team that concentrates in development and research to come up with food machinery that suits the requirements of their clients. Their vision is to become a one stop food and beverage center without sacrificing the quality of their products. The following is a close look at types of food machinery by Sumos and their features.

Corn and Food Steamers

They provide a healthy way of cooking food and steaming vegetables. They help in keeping the vitamin contents of food items, color and flavor that are essential to maintain the nutritive value of food. Sumos offers corn and food steamers.

Corn steamers- They can either be electric or gas type. The electric type CS-30E features a heater or burner of 3 Kw, EGO thermostat of 30-110 degrees, dimensions of 474x463x400 mm, est. weight of 8 kg and electrical volts of 240V, 13A and 50Hz. On the other hand, the gas type CS-30G has different features that include 474x502x400 mm, est. weight of 12 kg and heater or burner of 0.11 m3.

Food steamer- It is electric type model TFS-18. Some of its features include a rated voltage of 220-240v, net weight of 9.6 kg, rated wattage of 1510-1800 watts, dimensions of 73.5x49.5x33.5 cm and heater or burner of 3 kw.

Food Mixers

Food mixers are basically used for making a cooking breeze. They are used to knead, fold, beat and mix different food items such as rolling freshly made pasts into fettuccine strips or spaghetti, blend fruit smoothies and scrumptious cakes.

The mixers by Sumos are electric and come with three different models; B7, B10 and B20. The models have same voltage of 220v but different bowl capacity, power and flour mixing capacity. The model B7 has a power of 0.3 kw, bowl capacity of 7.5 liters and maximum flour mixing quantity of 0.8 kg. The model B10 has a power of 0.37 kw, bowl capacity of 10 liters and maximum flour mixing quantity of 1 kg. The model B20 has a power of 0.75 kw, bowl capacity of 20 liters and maximum flour mixing quantity of 3 kg.

Popcorn Machines

Popcorn machines are good for the Coney Island boardwalk and theaters to make popcorn. They run on electricity or liquid petroleum gas and require ample current. They are box-shaped that can be made of metal with glass windows, clear Plexiglas or glass. They also have bins for pouring raw kernels and a motor that stirs and heats up the kernel until the pop turns into a fluffy corn. The company deals with two models of popcorn machines; 6oz Gold rush Popper and SS-P2.

6oz Gold rush- It is electric type and made in the United States. It features a wattage of 1150 watts, dimensions of 14.5x20x27.5 inches, capacity of 06 and voltage of either 120V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz.

SS-P2- It is electric type and made in China. It features wattage 1150 watts, power of 1.3 Kw, voltage 220v and dimension of 520x380x670 mm.

Gas Baking Oven

There are two brands of gas baking oven that are gas type and made in China. Both brands come with two different models. For instance, Brand 1 is composed of YXY-12A and YXY-20A that the same voltage of 220V.

YXY-12A- It features exterior dimensions of 900x900x505 mm, a design of 1 door 1 pan, weight of 90 kg and gas consumption of 0.25 kgs/hr.

YXY-20A- It features exterior dimensions of 1400x915x700 mm, a design of 1 door 1 pan, weight of 150 kg and gas consumption of 0.5 kgs/hr.

On the other hand, brand 2 is composed of RHQ-11 and RHQ-12 that have the same temperature range of 300 and gas consumption of liquid petroleum gas.

RHQ-11- It features an inner dimension of 640x430x220 mm, gas consumption of 0.17 kg/h, weight of 65 kg, design of 1 door 1 pan and dimension of 950x770x640 mm.

RHQ-12- It features an inner dimension of 970x650x170 mm, gas consumption of 0.33 kg/h, weight of 120 kg, design of 1 door 2 pan and dimension of 1300x950x700 mm.

Fructose Machine- EZ-850H

The model features a voltage of 220v, volume of 8.5 liters, dimensions of 250x380x415 mm and net weight of 8.5 kg

Cup Sealer Machine – ET-95S

It features power of 350 watts, voltage weight 23.5 kg, dimensions of 250x340x640 mm and a net weight 23.5 kg.

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