Sumo's Ever Popular Kaya Ball and Choco-choco

Kaya balls are soft warm buns, filled with fragrant and delicious kaya made from fresh coconut, milk and eggs. Due to huge market demands, now it comes with creamy chocolate. They are best served in warm. The rich fillings gush out from every single bite on the crispy skin, which instantly melts in your mouth. Kaya balls are sold in little paper bags, easy to carry and eat. Have fun with these small delightful buns anywhere anytime, definitely an all-time favourite snack!
Kaya ball & Choco-choco Ingredients
Product Name Packaging
Kaya ball Mix 1.8 Kg per Pkt, 12 Pkts per Carton
Sri Kaya 3 Kg per Pkt, 12 Pkts per Carton
Pandan Kaya 3 Kg per Pkt, 20 Pkts per Carton
Home Made Kaya 3 Kg per Pkt, 20 Pkts per Carton
Choco-choco 500 g per Roll, 24 Rolls / Carton

Kaya-Balls Cooking Progress

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