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Sumo's (M) Sdn Bhd has been in the business for over a decade. The Sumo's business enjoys a proven system and track-record. We will undertake all training required at all levels of operation to ensure that your business profit is maximised. Sumo's will be with you all the way, from exploring potential business sites to well-defined start-up costs to actual operation trouble-shooting. You can count on Sumo's for long-term commitment and support. This is an ideal opportunity to start a business that has been proven successful. Sumo's (M) Sdn Bhd will operate a pilot outlet as an affirmation of its commitment to licensees as well as serve as a practical training outpost.


YiYao Ice Cream Truck is a commercial vehicle which serves as a travelling retail outlet fir soft serve ice cream. It is mobile and you can decide your own destination to do business in any way you like. You may park at public events, or near parks, beaches, or other areas where people congregate. You may also travel near where children play – outside schools, in residential areas, or in other locations.

Solar Van System is one of the most proven technologies as it doesn't have any moving parts, making it reliable for long-term energy production. The main benefits of Solar Energy of cause are they make SILENT. And FREE electricity. A pretty good trade off when compared to noisy gas sucking generators. Solar Van are typically composed of four basic components, solar panel, solar inverter, solar PV battery storage, and solar charge controllers. What's great about Solar Van is its efficiency and ability to generate maximum electricity possible that is enough to power your business. For this reason, solar technology has become one of the best investments you can embark into that offers long-term profit.



Sumos Worldwide licensing Network covers both local and overseas markets. The network covers over more than 100 kiosks worldwide including countries such as Singapore, Saudi Arabia,USA. SUMOS expands and grows its business through Licensing and Master licensing. The system's success is very much dependent on the active enrollment and participation of its licensee. Sumos remains committed to licensing as a predominant way for business enhancement and development.

  • We are actively seeking highly qualified business people to join our System as Business Owner/Operator/Master licensee.
  • Owning a Sumos kiosk is an excellent opportunity. We are seeking individuals with the intention of owning a well-established branding business and making it profitable through the cooperation and business partnership with us.

As a Sumos licensee, you will not only enjoy our great products but also the profit margin in business. You shall be entitled to use the brand name, goodwill, trade secrets and recipe of all our products. Come join us now, to start a business with a low set-up fees!


  1. Advice and consulting on starting and operating small-size snack food business.
    If you are new to the snack food business, we are able to advise and guide you through the whole process such as selecting suitable and potential locations, rental guidelines,defining start-up costs, designing and building of physical outlets and much more.
  2. Pre-opening assistance.
    Before the official opening date, we will be there to help you prepare all food and machinery needs and also to advise on serving customers, cash handling etc.
  3. Full operating training to you and your outlet operators including:
    • Preparing, cooking and serving of food and drinks
    • Maintaining optimum stock level
    • Accounting and book-keeping training to determine ideal sales figures and cash flow.
    • Actual operation troubleshooting
  4. On-going operational support and advice.
    As you venture bravely into this new business, we will always be here to guide and help you through your all your business needs. With 20 over years' experience in this industry, we will be able to guide and help you learn throughout your business experience.

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