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Choosing The Best Ice-cream Machine

Ice-cream machines have grown increasingly popular these days thanks to the advancement of technology. These devices come in two designs: self-refrigerating units that produce continuous batches and inexpensive models with exchangeable coolant-lined canisters. If you are planning on including ice cream to your already existing business or setting up an ice cream business, there are numerous brands on the market that will meet your needs. When deciding which machine to acquire, remember that there are numerous options and requirements the product can have to fulfill your needs. In this article, we will list five things to consider when shopping for an ice-cream machine.

Size of the ice cream machine

When shopping for these devices, the size ought to decided upon. For example, for business needs you should go for larger machines that can produce large amounts of ice cream. Measure the space where your machine will be sited, so you know if you will need to buy a larger or a medium-sized machine. Also, in a space where you intend to store the machine, ensure there is enough space for maneuvering and cleaning.


Ease-of-use is also a vital factor to consider when purchasing an ice-cream machine. Some machines work by freezing the core using salt and ice before use. With this design, you certainly need to plan ahead for any ice making activities. Others employ a freezer bowl machine, whereas others feature an in-built compressor. Whichever model you choose, make sure it is easy to use and can produce ice cream in a short time.

Cost of the machine

There is lots of options to consider when buying an ice cream machine, and there is certainly one that'll fit within any budget as price is a crucial consideration when purchasing ice-cream machine. Ice cream machines range from $1,000 to the more expensive models. With some adjustments, you can acquire the cheaper models to attain any culinary masterpiece you want to. The cheapest machines are those that come with the core that is frozen. Those that are the old-fashioned sell for around $300 while the compressor style machines can fetch up to $1000.

The design

These machines come in different categories. Based on the freezing technology, these can be divided into 2 categories: the water cooled and air cooled ones. In the air-cooled devices the heat is usually diffused, whereas the water-cooled technology employs water for the same purposes. However, it is recommended to purchase water-cooled machine because it's much adept and cheaper as compared to air cooled equipment.

Sanitation standards

Another important thing that you need to consider is sanitation standards. These units have sanitation standards set by local health department, so it is important that you check with them. This is because these machines were found to harbor a lot of harmful bacteria such as e-coli when they are not frequently and properly sanitized. It is therefore advisable to check the sanitation standards that every retailer maintains.


No matter what brand you choose, you need to take the above things into consideration. It goes without saying that the best ice cream will come from a top quality ice making machine.

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