Chocolate Coating

Formulated using superior raw materials, this chocolate coating has the ultimate taste profile. It is made with specialty vegetable fats with an optimized coating performance while delivering the desired flavours. This chocolate coating is exclusively used for ice-cream, giving the ice-cream a hard crunchy dark chocolate-like coating. It is very easy to use and is also suitable for used as topping for other confectionery products.

Chocolate Spread

Chocolate spread, which is an all-time favourite among children and adults, is one of our best-sellers. This smooth and creamy chocolate spread has a unique taste profile. You can tell at the very first taste.It has good spreadability over extended temperature ranges and unique crystallization properties designed to minimize oiling out. It can be smoothly spread on waffles, toasts, crepes and crackers.

Chocolate Sauce

Our chocolate sauce is a premium blend of superior raw materials meticulously selected from certified suppliers. The cocoa mass perfects the product by delivering a unique aroma and mouth-feel that canindulge your desire for chocolate. This product is ideal for chocolate fondue, topping for ice-cream, waffles, crepes and various types of confectioneries. It is specially formulated and processed to look, taste and feel good in your confectionery applications.

Jam / Spread Packaging
Chocolate Spread 5 Kg / Drum, 4 Drums / Carton
Peanut Spread 5 Kg / Drum, 4 Drums / Carton
(Flavour: Pandan Kaya, Sri Kaya)
3 Kg / Pkt, 4Pkt / Carton
Margarine 4.5 Kg / Drum, 4 Drums / Carton
Strawberry Jam 3 Kg / Drum, 4 Drums / Carton
Blueberry Jam 3 Kg / Drum, 4 Drums / Carton
Cappuccino Jam 2 Kg / Drum, 6 Drums / Carton
Honey 1 Kg / Drum, 3 Kg / Drum