Sumo's Soft-Serve Ice-Cream

Soft-Serve Ice-Cream is a type of ice cream that is softer and creamier than our regular ice cream, as a result of air being incorporated during the freezing process.

This particular recipe involves a low amount of milk-fat (3% to 6%) and is produced at a temperature as low as -4%. Soft-Serve Ice-Cream contains air content, known as overrun can vary from 0% to 60% of the total volume of finished ice cream. Our ice cream with high air content tastes creamier, smoother and lighter in texture in almost pure white. We have maintained the perfect percentage of air (33% - 45%) generally accepted by the mass market. Anything too much the ice cream loses flavor, shrinks as it loses air and melts quicker.

Our ice cream is frozen quick enough to avoid crystallization. With Soft-Serve, this feat is accomplished by a special machine. Our pre-mixed ingredient is introduced to the storage chamber of the machine where it is kept at 3°C. The machine will then mix the target quantity of air into the pre-mixed powder by gravity and pump. It is then churned and quick frozen and stored until required.

Sumo's Soft-Serve Ice-Cream can be obtained in a powder mix form. This is an improved version over the liquid mix. It has the advantage of easy distribution and can be stored for long periods of time without spoiling. Powder mix for is easy to take care, only need to store in room temperature and helps distributor save on the storage space. Water must be added prior being churned and frozen. Sumo's Soft-Serve Ice-Cream is always delightfully soft, smooth and creamy. It comes in many new flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, Strawberry, Yam, Durian, Coffee, Green tea, Red Bean and sweet corn.

Soft-Serve Ice-Cream Ingredients
Product Name Packaging Description
Soft-Serve Ice-Cream Mix 1 Kg per Pkt
20 Pkts per Carton
Flavour: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Yam, Durian, Coffee, Green tea, Red Bean and sweet corn.
Sumo's Ice cream cone 360 Packing: 360 Pcs per Carton
Size: length 110mm x Diameter 45mm
Mini cones are a miniature ice cream cone, which can be filled with delicious ice cream to serve as bite-sized cool treats for everyone.
Sumo's Waffle cone (small) Packing: 140 Pcs per Carton
Size: length 140mm x Diameter 50mm
Waffle cone is golden brown look with crispy and sweet taste, consumable with or without ice cream. Topping may be added. Used in ice cream parlours, cafes, gelato and juice bars for serving.
Sumo's Waffle cone (Big) Packing: 120 Pcs per Carton
Size: length 150mm x Diameter 75mm

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