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Why Us?
  • 20 years of experience in the snack food industry.
  • Cheapest price possible with the greatest food grade aluminium quality.
  • Team of experience technicians to provide after sales service and maintenance.
  • Over 100 Sumo's outlet throughout Malaysia and overseas market.

ABOUT Sumo's

History of Sumo's

We started the business by opening a small kiosk selling Kaya balls 20 years ago. Kaya balls are made using a Japan baking machine used for making hot snacks. The incorporation of Kaya (coconut jam) and flour into small balls became a hit very quickly upon introduction.

In a couple of years, we have opened up to 50 kiosks all around Malaysia. Due to the rapid expansion, Sumo's started diversifying into other snacks to tickle more taste buds in the market. The market demand was so huge; we ended up providing a complete licensing program in supplying and installing Kaya ball machines.

Sumo's Today

Sumo's is becoming a familiar name when snack food comes into mind. We are currently operating beyond Malaysia, reaching untapped markets including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, U.A.E, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Russia and counting. Despite the achievements we claim pride; we constantly improve ourselves by venturing into machineries R&D.

Today, Sumo's stand resolute as industry leader backed by 20 years of extensive experience and knowledge. We also have in depth knowledge of setting up a smooth operating snack outlets for passionate business startups. We provide training to ensure standardized quality across all outlets. We share recipes and educate business owners on the food making process, kiosk operation system and machineries maintenance support.

Apart from retail operations, Sumos's is also a manufacturer and assembler of our own snack food machines such as the kaya-ball and waffle-cake machine, corn steamer and many more. We are also an exporter of home grown Sumo's Super Sweet Frozen corn.

The Upcoming Projects
  • Sumo's has plans to expand more outlets in referent places and locations.
  • Sumo's is constantly improving on the recipe, and explore further ice cream flavors.
  • Sumo's will develop new lines of products, and import top of the line machinery.
  • Sumo's is venturing into Solar Van, the very first in Malaysia that sells snack foods on the go without using generator.
Our Aim

To develop a sustainable business model, share delightful snack foods with food lovers from all over the world.

Our Business Concept

Sumo's don't settle for being just another snack food vendor. We strive for more.

  • High Quality Food Grade Aluminium Machineries.
  • Wide variety of food, snacks and flavors.
  • Ensures the freshness of ingredient with sophisticated logistic network.
  • Complete Solution and Support for business partners and customers.
  • Provides in depth training on snack making process and kiosk operation system.
  • Constant Investment in Research & Development to meet market demands.
  • Solar Food Truck to encourage a green & clean environment.

Whether you want to build your own license brand or be part of the already popular Sumo's Snack Food, we can tailor-make a unique business proposal to suit just your need. We will be with you all the way, from advising on potential business sites, defining start-up costs to actual operation troubleshooting. Long-term commitment and support is assured!